Sirubari Village Tour

Sirubari is a beautiful Gurung village in Syangja district where the concept of  village tourism was first tried. Situated  at the altitude of 1700 m above sea level, the village lies at the distance of five hours drive from Pokhara. The village is managed by lacal committee and each household in the village get to accommodate visitors as per the rotation system. Visitors are accorded warm welcome by offering Tika and garland amidst the singing of folk song. The accommodation is simple and food is local yet delicious. In the evening, the local mother’s group perform cultural programmes, presenting traditional Gurung songs and dances. Visitors are also encouraged to dance with the locals. Thumro is a popular viewpoint in Sirubari, which can be reached after an easy walk from the village, offering magnificient views of mountains peaks in the Annapurna Range. Your stay in Sirubari will help get an insight of the day-to-day life of rural Nepal.