Tansen Tour

Tansen, the district headquarters of Palpa district, is an another  famous destination in western Nepal. Situated at the altitude of 1,343m above sea level, Tansen is a small town with a dominant population of Newars. Visitors to Tansen can watch scenic view of Tinau river valley surrounded by Churia and Mahabharat hills. Located on the south flank og Shrinagar hill, Tansen bazaar is fascinating place with ancient culture, friendly people and excellent mountain views. Shrinagar hill offers magnificent view of sunrise and other mountain peaks. Baggidhoka, constructed during the Rana regime, is a major landmark in Tansen. Tansen is also a city of artisans and Dhaka cloths and bronze wares produced here are famous all over the country and even beyond. A little below Tansen on the backs of Kali Gandaki lies a popular landmark Rani Mahal, often touted as the Taj Mahal of Nepal.