Mustang Region Trekking

Mustang 'a land of ancient culture and the Shangrila' is situated in the trans-Himalayan region of Nepal, the District of Mustang is where the Nepalese mountains yield to the southern Tibetan Plateau. As the transition zone between these two extreme environments, Mustang offers the visitors a unique ecology and geology. Mustang is also the location of the world’s deepest gorge along the Kali Gandaki River between Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Mountain. Mustang’s caves, forts, monasteries and temples, some of which date to past millennia, carry echoes of the area’s rich history. And the friendly people are testament to a still vibrant traditional culture. Mustang’s natural and cultural treasures have made it one of the most popular tourist and trekking destinations in the Annapurna Conservation Area and indeed all of Nepal.

We have various itineraries adapted to a group of friends and families. And also, we can modify it according the physical condition of the trekkers and number of days available for this trek.